Ayamei grew up in Chiayi, a southern city of Taiwan. Her first novel The French I Learned at 17(十七歲的法文課) was published in 2002, when she was in high school. So far, she has written 13 books.

The study of business school did not impede her writing career. Ayamei was very involved in writing during her college life. She is never satisfied with “just writing a romance”; instead, she seeks to explore serious issues of relationships in her stories.

During her first job as a financial journalist, she realized that her true love is telling stories. She soon quitted her job after two years and became a full-time writer. Now she is a TV screenplay writer and novelist. All her film works are written under her real name, Fang-Yun Tsai(蔡芳紜).

Ayamei’s 13th book, Before We Get Married(我們不能是朋友), is being adapted into a Taiwanese TV Drama. The drama stars Jasper Liu(劉以豪) and Puff Kuo(郭雪芙).